Pony Club

Become part of the largest association of young riders in the world. 

Horses and ponies

Develop skills and sit certificates on school master horses and ponies

Equestrian coaching

Receive top equestrian coaching in riding and pony care.


Gain internationally recognised Pony Club certificates

Preparation for ownership

Prepare riders and parents for pony ownership

Events and competitions

Enjoy a variety of equestrian activities, events and competitions

NZPCA rallies have been held at Pony Tales since 2009. This means our riders attend Pony Club rallies here on a school horse. Riders learn how to ride and care for a pony, sit Pony Club certificates and enjoy a variety of equestrian activities through our rallies, events and competitions.

Pony Tales has developed a Pony Club coaching program based on the NZ Pony Club progressive pathway system allowing riders to set goals, do their best, boost confidence and work together while learning how to treat our equine partners with empathy and respect. The result in a happy, vibrant club where we support and share with each other our love of horses.

Another Pony Tales goal is to prepare riders and parents for pony ownership. Riders who have passed their D+ certificate can lease a school horses, giving them a taste of owning a pony. It is particularly rewarding to see members go on to own their own ponies, join the Riding Academy at St Peters, or progressing on the Pony Club pathway at Pony Tales to become accomplished equestrians.

pony club getting ready