Child lessons

Pony Tales was established to give children access to ponies in a safe, quiet and caring environment.  More than heels down and eyes up, Pony Tales riders learn to love, respect and care for horses while making lifelong friends along the way.

What we offer

Learn to Ride programs for first time riders.

Private lessons, group Lessons and Pony Club for those returning or already riding and horse owners.

St Peters School students pick up from school.

School Holiday horse riding courses.


The school horses are well mannered, quiet and safe school masters.

Helmets and boots to get you started are supplied.

Lessons instructed by a qualified coach.

The all-weather arena is sheltered from the hot sun, rain and wind making training outdoors comfortable and fun.

Fully fenced arena allows riders freedom to develop skills safely.

The red barn has a sizable undercover spectator area for the family fans.

Parents or caregivers wishing to participate can. Make Pony Tales an opportunity to rekindle and connect. This is an excellent way to gain knowledge and learn together prior to purchasing a pony.